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Usually, I don't leave reviews and, at the very least for karma sake, I really should do so more often. So here's my attempt at leaving a much deserved review for AppHive... this is hands down the nicest looking and easiest to use apps in the market that I've come across and I've examined and/or tried at least a half dozen easily.

Medici Supply Co

Our Apps

  • Quotify
    Request a Quote, Quote to Order, Proposals & Hide Price
  • Scroll Bee ‑ Infinite Scroll
    Automatically load more products while scrolling
  • CopyCat ‑ Store Duplicator
    Duplicate your store products, collections, blogs, and more.
  • ScheduleBee ‑ Event scheduler
    Schedule the publications of your themes and products
  • WeFact
    Automatically sync and invoice your orders with WeFact
  • Popup Bee
    Elevate customer excitement with our fully customizable pop-up